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DVD-ARG-TECHNIQUES-vol-2.pngRonda's Masking Mud

Use Ronda's Masking Mud as she demonstrates in her recent Techniques in Argentium DVD Series!


Masking Mud is used as an anti-fusing agent when fusing Argentium Silver.

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DVD-ARG-TECHNIQUES-vol-3.pngWolf Clay 

Wolf Clay is a positioning clay used for soldering and is featured in Ronda Coryell's Techniques in Argentium DVD series.

Do not use with Platinum!


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  New!!   Techniques in Argentium, Vol 5 - Clasps !

Ronda Coryell guides you step by step on how to create various types of clasps using Argentium.  

You will also make several projects while learning several other techniques.  



Plus a Bonus CD

containing materials lists and

step-by-step instructions!! 

Disc 1 projects:
  • S-Hook
  • Interlocking Jump Rings
  • Beading Clasp
  • Lentil Clasp


Disc 1 Techniques: 
  • Forming
  • Hammering for hardness
  • Fusing for fabrication; No solder is used in any of the 4 clasps
  • Using ©Wolf Clay** for holding and protecting while fusing
  • Heat precipitation hardening



Disc 2 projects:

  • Oval Box Clasp 
  • Variation Of Oval Clasp with alternate shape
  • Rectangular Box Clasp and variations

Disc 2 Techniques:
  • Forming walls of box
  • Creating the “snap” that a good clasp should make
  • Soldering base sheet to clasp
  • Using ©Ronda Coryell’s Masking Mud** as an anti-fusing agent
  • Making variations of each clasp
  • Fusing to fabricate
  • Making bezels
  • Setting cabochon stones
  • Hallmarking


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Also see recent release:   Techiques in Argentium, Vol 4:  Gold on Argentium - 2 Disc Set


Ronda Coryell guides you step by step on how to fuse Gold on Argentium.  You will also make several projects while learning several other techniques.  




Disc 1 projects:
  • 2 Gold-Dust Earrings (1 with Bezel)
  • 1 Gold Bezel on Argentium Earring
Disc 1 Techniques:
  • Adjusting pattern to desired ring size 
  • Alloying gold 
  • Making gold dust and fusing to Argentium sheet
  • Making bezels from Argentium tubing
  • Setting faceted stones
  • Making gold bezels and fusing to Argentium sheet
  • Setting cabochon stones
  • Making granulated ear wires 
  • Using RONDA'S MASKING MUD as an anti-fusing agent
  • Wolf Clay for holding and protecting while fusing
  • Using an insulating agent while soldering next to stones

Disc 2 projects:

  • 3 Keum boo Earrings
  • 2 Gold on Argentium Rings (1 with Bezel)
Disc 2 Techniques:
  • Fusing gold sheet to thick Argentium sheet to make 2 different rings
  • Keum boo – a Korean technique of applying thin sheets of gold using heat and pressure 
  • Soldering ear wires 
  • Roller printing 
  • Hallmarking 
  • Adding a patina 
  • Hardening


Also featured are Ronda's other recent DVD releases


Techniques in Argentium, Vol 2:  Chasing & Repousse

The Italian Way with Il Maestro Acquafresca) -  2 Disc Set

In this two-disc set, Ronda Coryell will introduce you to her mentor, Il Maestro Fabrizio Acquafresca.

Follow amazing close-up demonstrations as Il Maestro shows how to do beginning through advanced chasing & repousse techniques and Ronda will show you how to make them into finished pieces: a dragonfly pendant, a belt buckle and a bracelet.

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Techniques in Argentium, Vol 3:  Hollow Rings 

Follow as internationally recognized jewelry instructor, Ronda Coryell, guides you step by step on advanced techniques on how to build two different hollow ring projects. 

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Prepare for the Argentium Certification Exam by following along with Ronda's Argentium DVD Series



The Argentium Instructor Certification Program is targeted at those wanting to become an internationally recognized instructor of Argentium Silver or enhance their jewelry career.   The program is endorsed by the Argentium Silver Guild and Certification and requires quality performance in the areas of fabrication, soldering, fusing, finishing and working with Argentium silver.

The Argentium Instructor Certification program is headed by Ronda Double_Bracelet_252x197.jpgCoryell, who is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on jewelry techniques using Argentium Silver. 


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Ronda's latest DVD 2 disc set:  Techniques in Argentium, Vol 5 - Clasps!




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