General Information

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Argentium Instructor Certification Program

The Argentium Instructor Certification Program is directed to those wanting to become an internationally recognized instructor of Argentium silver. Certification requires quality performance in the areas of fabrication, soldering, fusing, finishing and working with Argentium silver. 


The program is administered by Ronda Coryell

The AIC Program is headed by Ronda Coryell and is endorsed by Argentium Intl and the Argentium Guild.

Certification benefits

  • Advances your career and earning potential. 
  • Increases your credibility with students and schools.
  • Gives hosting schools and studios a means of knowing that you will have a certain proficiency of skills.
  • Listed as a Certified Instructor on the Argentium Guild website and a one year free membership.
  • Argentium Guild website will help promote your classes.


Fee for each testing level: $500

Material kit will be provided for the testing with projects and scrap to be returned when completed. It is not necessary to buy the kit, but if applicants wish to keep the projects, kits can be purchased at the current silver kit price.

2 levels of Argentium Instructor Certification

The 2 levels of certification reflect a career path for the instructor, with progressively higher stages of proficiency and assurance of knowledge in the use of Argentium silver. Both levels require a written exam and practical tests.


Level 1

Argentium Instructor Certification Level 1 Test reflects mastery of skills in fabrication, soldering, fusing and finishing with Argentium silver.

Level 2

Argentium Instructor Certification Level 2 Test reflects mastery of advanced fabrication skills and casting in Argentium silver.

Steps to achieve Argentium Instructor Certification

  1. Make arrangements with the JSI testing site or select an individual who is willing and able to proctor the test. The test may be taken at your own bench. 

  2. Send completed Application Form and fees to: If you wish to email the AIC Application Form, send to:

    If you wish to mail the Application Form, mail to: 
    AIC- Argentium Instructor Certification
    Ronda Coryell
    P. O. Box 67247
    Albuquerque, NM  87193-7247

  3. Your application will be processed and the test and all testing materials will be shipped to your chosen proctor.

  4. The date the proctor receives the test is the starting date - you will have three months to complete the test.

  5. Once your completed test is received, it will be graded and results will be sent to you.